400-Watt-Metal-Halide Lights


with quad tap ballast



  • Sturdy die-cast aluminum housing

  • Rugged 4kv porcelain socket

  • Wiring compartment with adjustable leveling feature

  • 16-inch spun white aluminum reflector

  • Includes drop acrylic lens

  • Mount using threaded 3/4-in conduit or with hook & cord accessory kit

  • 1-year warranty

  • UL Listed in U.S. for damp locations

Dimensions: 22-1/2-in H x 16-in W x 16-in D


Multi-Tap Ballast for 120, 208, 240, or 277 volts.

Applications - Warehouses, industrial and retail sites, shops, horse-riding arenas, and many more!



Lamp Output: 40000 lumens
Lamp Color Rendition: 70


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How many lights do I need?  On average, 1 light for every 400 square feet.  Take your square footage and divide this by 400 and this will give you the number of lights you need for general lighting.

2) What voltage are these lights wired for?  These lights have multi-tap ballasts making them suitable for 120/208/240/277 volts.  

3) How do I wire and mount these?  These lights have a 3/4" threaded hole in the top of the light.   

4) What color of light do these put out?  This is a metal halide light which puts off a white colored light.

5) What is the difference between a low bay light and a high bay light?  Low bays are generally used for ceiling heights under 20 feet, while high bays are used for ceiling heights over 20 feet.  Low bays have an acrylic diffuser on the bottom of the fixture that will help to flood the light outward over the shorter span to the floor. 

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